Bread & Cheese has been playing in the Baltimore area for over 20 years. Two complementary guitars, two lead singers, and two-part harmonies. They play an enjoyable blend of originals and covers - rock, blues, reggae, funk and pop!

Sky King - Vocals/Lead Guitar

Scott Shimkaveg - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

The Long Story:

Scott and Sky first crossed paths when they were about 9 years old, competing against each other at swim meets in Baltimore, MD. A couple years later they ended up on the same team and quickly bonded over their mutual love of The Beatles. They were often found singing their favorite Beatles songs during swim practice. A couple years after that, at age 14, they both began taking guitar lessons. They would meet on the weekends to practice their favorite songs and share new chords and licks. By age 21, they were performing at venues in the Baltimore area as Bread & Cheese. After college, Sky moved to Boulder, CO and became the frontman for the popular rock/funk band Smack Thompson, with whom he played all over Colorado and the surrounding states. Scott stayed in Baltimore and fronted several popular bands, including The Stugottz, who rocked just about every venue in Baltimore city. During this time, Scott and Sky would get together for much anticipated shows whenever Sky came back to visit. Sky moved back to Baltimore in the fall of 2014 and Bread & Cheese was born again. Their strong friendship and admiration of each other's writing is felt in the music they play. Come see a show and feel the magic for yourself!